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At Best In Show Pet Sitting, we strive to be the BEST dog walkers and cat sitters throughout Cary and Morrisville. We believe that positive word of mouth is the most effective way to market one’s business.  The only way we can achieve this is by making sure EVERY client is a HAPPY client. We want our clients brimming with happiness and smiles until their faces hurt. Yes! Smiling, hurting, faces is our goal for each and every one of our pet parents!

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Best in Show Pet Sitting
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 21 reviews
by Jaclyn on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Amazing. 4 paws up!

This is the best pet sitter you can find, I would never use another company or kennel again; I simply cannot say enough good things about Best In Show Pet Sitting.

From the moment Hillary entered the house the dogs fell in love with her (which says a lot for our newest puppy). Not only was she the most professional of all of the companies we looked at but you can see she has an honest genuine heart for animals. Her heart for animals can be seen in every interaction.

Prior to meeting Hillary, traveling was such a stressful event, however, now that we know we have someone who is so reliable, professional and honestly adores animals she has reduced our stress levels substantially. Moreover, Hillary does a great job communicating throughout the travels she even sent text videos and pictures. I would recommend Best In Show Pet Sitting for any Morrisville family

Aww, thanks for the great review, Jaclyn! I’m so happy you were happy with my service. I look forward to seeing your pups again soon.

by Celeste Russell, Morrisville, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Best in Show really is the best!

Hillary and Best In Show Pet Sitting are AMAZING!! My husband and I have 6 cats and a small dog that needed to be cared for while we were out of town for a week. That's a lot of critters that most companies would charge an arm and a leg to pet sit, and boarding would cost even more and result in a lot more stress for us and our pets. We did some research and decided to go with Best in Show based customer ratings, services offered and pricing, and we're so glad we did! Hillary went above and beyond in absolutely every way, sending daily pictures and videos to ensure we knew our fur kids were being lovingly cared for while we were away, clearly spending AT LEAST the amount of time we paid for with our fur kids, she cleaned and tidied up daily, took our garbage to the curb on garbage day, dealt with breaker box issues that occurred while we were gone and left us with great treat samples for our pets and a thoughtful surprise when we arrived back home. We could not have asked for more! We highly recommend Best in Show and will absolutely be using them for our any of our pet sitting needs!

by Kristen Pinarchick, Morrisville, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Highly Recommend!

Being in the pet services business myself, saying I'm extremely cautious about hiring a pet professional is an understatement. Hillary immediately put our minds at ease from the first communication. From our initial consultation to the moment we got home, Hillary from Best in Show was excellent! Our she spent the time bonding with our cranky kitty & showing him the attention he needed while we were gone.

I very highly recommend Best In Show Pet Sitting & will be recommending them to our own clients! Thanks Hillary!

Thanks for the great review, Kristen! Raven was so sweet and a true joy to care for. I loved how talkative she was during our visits. Very opinionated, that one! Ha ha.

by Lila Forro, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
You won't find a better sitter!

We have been delighted with the loving care Hillary provides for our seven kitties and their individual quirks. It was a real relief to meet a sitter who knows and understands cats. She lavishes attention on our spoiled beasts! We never worry when we go away because we know we'll hear how our crew is doing and get pictures of their antics. You won't find a better sitter for your babies.

Thanks for the great review, Lila! I'm looking forward to seeing all the babies again in November. Sending hugs and purrs their way.

by Jason Chow, Morrisville, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
The Gold Standard!

I have hired Hillary for both pet sitting and vet pickup, and she continues to exceed expectations. She is a true professional, meticulously tracking details to customize her services to my pets' needs. I have two nine year old cats who require medications and tender loving care when I am away. Hillary keeps them active with laser tag and petting, and I really appreciate the short videos she sends. On my latest request, Hillary was able to pickup my cat from the vet (he was recovering from surgery), and all she had to do was drop him off at my home since I would be back later that evening. Instead, she stayed for an hour making sure that he was settled in and that my other cat would not disturb him (she hisses when upset). She did this voluntarily without pay. Hilary is a pet setter who genuinely cares about her clients. She takes great pride in her work and IMO is the gold standard by which pet sitters can be judged. The website and client profile is comprehensive and efficient, and communication is seamless. Highly recommended.


Jason, I am truly humbled by your outstanding review of Best In Show Pet Sitting. I hope Zorro has bounced back from surgery and I look forward to seeing him and Chloe again soon.

by Kevin McKinnon, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
We'll be back!

Best in Show is great - Hillary took great care of our pup while we were away. We got regular updates on how she was doing, which was important to us because she had a partially torn ACL at the time and needed special treatment. We will definitely be repeat customers.


Thanks for the 5 star review, Kevin! Addison was an absolute joy during the week we spent together. I hope she's feeling better since her surgery last week and I hope my get well card cheered her up a little.

by Erin Hammer, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Don't hesitate - call Hillary!

We went on vacation recently and Hillary watched our (many) cats. One in particular refused to be found during a visit, and Hillary would not leave until she put eyes on her. Also, our house was as clean when we returned as we left it, which is amazing considering the cats kick out litter and dump food out of their bowls at a rapid rate. We felt very at ease knowing Hillary was caring our cats, and plan on having her back soon and often. The value for the service you receive is great with Hillary. Don't hesitate - call Hillary!

Thank you so much for the great review, Erin! Let Slava know I've got my eye on her! Lol. Thanks again for your business. I can't wait to see everyone again. Especially my buddy, Bodhan. ?

by Cara Miller, Apex, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Peace of Mind

Hillary watched my dog and three cats over Christmas week, and it was such peace of mind knowing they were all comfortable and cared for in their own home. More often than not, Hillary stayed for much longer than I requested, loving on and playing with my fur babies and just spending time with them. Once, due to a client emergency she ended up coming in the morning a little later than she had planned, so she spent close to four hours with everyone during that one visit alone. I love the feedback she gives on everyone. She genuinely cares for my fur babies like they are her own, and for that reason I will be a loyal customer for a long time.

Thanks, Cara. I loved taking care of Rosie and her harem of kitties. We had a great time together. Rosie took me on some awesome walks while we sang Christmas carols to each other. :-).

by Justine Ward, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Very professional and caring!

I am so glad I've found Best in Show for our 6-month-old Paperanian! I receive texts each day with questions, concerns and successes so I know my little one is well cared for. I know I can count on a very positive, flexible and professional approach from Best in Show, and I can highly recommend this company to anyone looking for top notch care for their canine (or feline) family members. 🙂

by Wendy Beachy, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Made our life so much easier!

I came to Best in Show with a bit of an unusual request. My husband and I are new to the area, and about a week before I was due with our first child, I realized that we had no one to watch our cat and dog during labor. After researching a few pet sitting services, I called Hillary at Best in Show. Despite my last minute request and the fact that I was unable to provide exact dates, she was more than accommodating. She came over that evening to meet with us and was super understanding about our situation. She really went above and beyond with her customer service; she even took care of the dirty dishes we had not gotten to in our hurry to get the hospital and helped the pets plan a welcome home surprise for the baby! We'll definitely be using Best in Show for our future pet sitting needs!

by Betty Cross, Morrisville, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
So happy we found her!

I moved to the area a few months ago from out of state and feel very fortunate to have found Best in Show Pet Sitting. Hillary is so wonderful with my fur babies. Even my shy cat loves her visits. It gives me peace of mind to know that Hillary is taking excellent care of my babies when I am away.

by Lauren & Scott Gilvey, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting

Best in Show IS ABSOLUTELY the BEST!! (We have a pug and a bunch of cats). Our pug is very anxious around strangers, and has always been overly stressed and panicked when we return from trips. Knowing this, our pet sitter has been working with him to get him more comfortable around her. When we came home from our last trip our dog was so relaxed and mellow about our return - it was like we never left! It was an unbelievable transformation! We simply could not be more pleased. She is also very good with all the cats. We have a bunch of Himalayan, who are easily mistaken for one another, but she has taken the time to get to know each of them, and is able to tell them all apart, just like they were her very own!! We simply could not ask for a better pet sitter!!

by Matt Lawing, Cary, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
Couldn't be happier!

We went on a vacation recently and were referred to Hillary by a friend, and we couldn't be happier with the service we received. We have found our vacation pet sitter!

by Selene Moonchild, Morrisville, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
The Perfect Choice!

I've known Hillary for several years, so choosing her to check on my cats while I'm gone was only natural. My boys tend to be very shy around new people, but they warmed right up to her, so I knew I had made the right choice. They had fresh water, their box was clean, she made sure Squeak got his special food for his delicate tummy, and no messes for me to clean up when I got home! If you are looking for a pet sitter, you should definitely call Hillary at Best in Show!

by Lindsay C., Morrisville, NC on Best in Show Pet Sitting
The Best!

I will always use Best In Show because I know my dogs are safe with Hillary. She takes excellent care of my pets and even brings in my mail for me! I used to be nervous to go on vacation and leave my dogs at home, but with Hillary I know they are getting the best treatment. 🙂

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